Coaching and Consulting

A coaching engagement shows you are invested in your high potential employees and senior leaders.


Coaching helps with enhancing individual performance, growing strong leadership and teams, and making the sale.

From senior leaders, to sales teams, position your high potential employees for long term success. Our coaches are certified in various instruments that identify strengths and opportunities including the Hogan Leadership Assessment, DiSC Profile, and the Myers Briggs Type Inidcator (MBTI).

New Hire Orientation & On-boarding Programs

You’ve invested in finding the right candidate. Is your onboarding program designed for success?

CTR will work with you and your team to create customized tools and training to ensure your new hires are being on-boarded right. We incorporate research and proven techniques to get you focused on what is most important.

From Day One and Beyond

Performance Management

CTR will work with you and your team to create customized training that incorporates your performance management tools and system. Included in this program are instruction and practice on setting clear expectations, giving quality feedback, and managing performance improvement.

Meaningful Feedback

Program Design

CTR can adapt program designs to accommodate your company culture and budget.