On-Site Programs

Presenting in a conference room

Our popular programs have been supporting our clients’ needs for over 20 years. We’ll work with you to meet your company’s current in-person guidelines.


Have you put a hold on face-to-face meetings? Let’s connect and figure out how you can reap the benefits of these programs.

Explore all aspects of presenting. This programs focus is on building or enhancing the skills needed to prepare and deliver presentations that meet the needs of both the presenter and the audience.

Managers who understand the dynamics of change are less likely to hinder transformation and are better able to help themselves and their teams stay productive through times of uncertainty.

Interpersonal Skills Development

Why is it easier to communicate with some people and not others?  This program will help you to identify why this happens and how you can increase communication effectiveness. 

half or full-day format available

This program helps employees ensure they are making a positive first impression, and maintaining the image of professional, star performer throughout their career.

Leadership Essentials

This course will provide participants with an understanding of the fundamental differences between managing and leading, and which is required for various situations.

Engage Your Employees

Conflict Management

Increase knowledge and skills in identifying and managing conflict, strategies for managing the emotional climate, and applying a variety of successful conflict management techniques.

Finding Opportunities

CTR can work with you to create customized product knowledge and sales training. We can create training and tools for whatever model best fits your organization’s products and culture.

Performance Management

Customized training incorporating your performance management tools. The program includes instruction and practice on setting clear expectations, giving quality feedback, and managing performance improvement.

Meaningful Feedback

It's All About Service

Participants will explore the impact that image and attitude have on how we are perceived, develop effective listening and questioning skills, and identify techniques for handling challenging customer situations.

Everyone's a Customer

Roles and Functions of the Supervisor

Learn about the two of the most critical skills for supervisors to master: setting expectations and coaching for development. Explore the balance between being a friend and being the boss, and common managerial mistakes to avoid.

Balancing your roles

Program Length

Options are available for half-day, full-day, or multi-day programs depending on your needs and goals. CTR can adapt the program design to accommodate your company culture and budget.