Virtual Programs

Working remotely, balancing work and family needs; we understand the challenges you face in a rapidly changing environment. Studies show most employees tend to be distracted while engaging with remote learning. You need training that is engaging, interactive, and immediately applicable.


Our programs, delivered in shorter time segments with smaller group sizes enhance engagement and interaction.

Apply best practices to the design and delivery of high impact presentations. Engage the audience, improve delivery style, and achieve results.

Enhancing Your Virtual Presence

Explore how the use of common virtual communication tools (email, telephone, video conference) impacts how others perceive you?

Make your best impression

Stay Focused During Uncertain Times

Explore common psychological and physiological reactions during times of change and how to manage these reactions.

Manage Uncertainty

Facilitating Remote Meetings

two-part series

Productive meetings are essential for achieving goals and producing results. Learn what successful facilitators do before, during, and after a meeting to ensure success.

Results Based Meetings

Managing & Meeting Remotely

Best practices for leading teams and meetings virtually, and keeping employees focused and engaged while working remotely.

Stay Productive

Change Management

Help employees apply strategies to overcome resistance to change, address anxiety, and develop techniques to quickly and effectively move through the stages of change.

Overcome Change Resistance

Giving and Receiving Feedback

Improve performance, and influence the performance of others by developing skills and mindset necessary for giving and receiving the gift of quality feedback.

Focus on the Future

Communicating Effectively

Assertive communication is the most desired, but least used communication style. Learn what to do with verbal, non-verbal, and written communication.

The Impact of Attitude

Business Writing

Two-part series | Coming Soon

Overcome common roadblocks in business writing. Reduce wordiness, eliminate common grammatical mistakes, learn email best practices, and how to check for appropriate tone.

Clear, Concise, Compelling

Delivering Training Remotely

Four-part series | coming soon

Transition trainers from delivering traditional in-person training to a virtual environment. Practice skills, and receive individual coaching of recorded sessions.

Enhance Virtual Delivery

Selling to a Virtual World

two-part series | coming soon

Help your sales team develop core foundational selling skills, and understand how to use them in a virtual environment.

Revenue Generating Results

Program Length

Unless noted, programs are 60-minutes in length and designed to accommodate up to 12 participants. This is to allow for maximum engagement and interaction.


CTR can adapt program designs to accommodate your company culture and budget.