Management & Talent Development

Sexual Harassment Prevention

This program is designed to help employees and managers understand what constitutes sexual harassment, identify ways to eliminate it from the work environment and determine steps to be taken if harassing behavior is observed or if a complaint is received.

Time and Productivity Management

This webinar will provide participants with tools and techniques to help them manage their time more effectively while working from home or in the office. Topics discussed will include staying focused, prioritizing, managing the conflict between personal and professional needs, and ways to be more productive.

Interviewing Skills

two-part series | Selecting the right candidate

Poor hiring decisions are costly, not only for the organization, but also for the individuals involved. This series is designed to give anyone involved in the interviewing process the skills and knowledge they need to identify the right candidate during the interview process. During this two-part series we will cover:

Before the Interview | Clarify the job and prepare the right questioning strategy to get quality information.

During the Interview | Engage the candidate, get useful information, and avoid asking illegal and in appropriate questions.

After the Interview | Select the right candidate and provide a successful on-boarding experience.

Managing and Leading for Results

custom series

The Managing and Leading for Results series is focused on developing the core skills and knowledge that managers and leaders need to successfully lead and empower their employees to deliver on the organization’s goals. Suggested topics for each webinar include:

  • Identifying traits of effective managers that allow them to assess gaps, and develop goals and action plans for increasing their management effectiveness
  • Setting expectations and delegating effectively
  • Enhancing self-awareness of management style and emotional intelligence (EQ)
  • Using coaching techniques to augment engagement and productivity