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Delivering High-Impact Presentations

Delivering High-Impact Presentations is a two-day workshop that focuses on developing and enhancing the skills needed to prepare and deliver effective, precise, and high impact presentations that meet the needs of both the presenter and the audience. In order to provide the maximum amount of practice and coaching, the program size is limited. 

Who should attend? This program is appropriate for anyone looking to develop their executive presence and enhance their communication effectiveness when designing and delivering presentations. 


During this two-day workshop, participants will:

  • Gain clarity about the purpose of their presentations and the needs of their respective audiences and tailor their presentations accordingly

  • Use a simple, yet highly effective, process for developing and organizing informative and persuasive presentations

  • Demonstrate techniques for enhancing the effectiveness of their personal presentation style while targeting areas for continuous improvement

  • Develop and use effective visuals 

  • Respond appropriately to questions and comments and manage challenging situations

  • Use a variety of techniques for controlling nervousness that might otherwise impede the effectiveness of the presentation 

  • Complete a minimum of three video-recorded practices (participants will receive a copy of their presentations on a flash drive)


Location: Conference Center at Waltham Woods

860 Winter Street, Waltham, MA 02451

Instructors: Melissa Christenson and / or Juliann Decker

Cost: $1,895 
Register by August 31st and pay only $1,695!
Session 1
September 26 - 27

9 am - 5 pm both days

Session 2
November 7 - 8

9 am - 5 pm both days

Management and Leadership
Interpersonal Communication Skills
Human Resources
Professional Development
Individual Coaching
Sales and Customer Service
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